Founded in 2014 to provide Strategic Development -to- Execution Coaching Services to small-to-mid-sized organizations (SMB’s). The founders bring 90 years combined business experience to lead the company and manage the development of customer specific services. The founders have led organizations with employee counts ranging from 10 to 80,000 and with revenues ranging from $5mm to $11B in various industries.

To be an accurate Observer, Coach and Catalyst in the growth and successful transformation of our select customer base. To assure that our committed customers have the necessary insights, clarities, tools, purposes and processes to accelerate the transformation of their organizations and lives to sustainability, viability and value to society.

Core Values:
Personal Growth

  • Giving to others
  • Know our business and deliver results
  • Individually responsible for Results
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Be creative and open-minded

Oriented to the Future

  • Anticipate, embrace, thrive on and lead transformational change
  • Sustainable Enterprise Value Growth
  • Earn consistent, satisfactory profits and invest in people, services and processes
  • Learn, educate, imagine, innovate
  • Technology


  • Honor God, be respectful of each other and our customers
  • Trust
  • Do what we say we are going to do
  • Full disclosure and transparency

  • Customer value creation
  • Work hard and have fun as a team
  • Do what needs to be done
  • Passionate about taking care of customers – emotionally invested
  • Exceed expectations – under promise, over deliver


  • Be emotionally invested
  • Take calculated risk; Experiment
  • Do a lot with a little
  • Value independence
  • Create remarkable experiences


We are a company of people engaged in strategic business services, through the pursuit of truth, integrity and committed to creating value for our Customers, our Team members, our Communities and our Shareholders.


  • Organizations that are operated in full alignment with their Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission;
  • Organizations led with integrity, purpose and effective systems and prospectives;
  • Manifesting sustainable, profitable, growing enterprise value organizations that contribute to the welfare of society;
  • A Coaching practice fully embracing and manifesting all the concepts conveyed and promoted by our coaching staff to our customer base;
  • Services purchased by customers wanting to benefit from the wisdom and experience our coaching staff has to offer.



To beneficially contribute to the business of SMBs, the personal excellence of their people and the systems they employ so as to manifest a sustainable growth of enterprise value.